Performance assessment directly integrated with Noteflight notation offering over 85,000 titles!  

SoundCheck™, powered by MatchMySound™, is a world-class assessment technology that provides instant ratings and feedback for pitch, rhythm, and intonation, and is available for use with any Noteflight score. SoundCheck works in the browser on desktop, Chromebook, iPad, and mobile devices!

SoundCheck is available with any Noteflight Learn or Noteflight Premium subscription. 


  • Record along with a metronome, the full score audio, or have SoundCheck follow you. Additional features for tuning, tempo adjustment, hiding the cursor, full-screen mode, and more.

  • Instantly available from any Noteflight score with just the click of a button, including Noteflight Learn Premium Content and the Noteflight Premium Music library.

  • Both audio and video recording available.

    When used with Noteflight Learn, SoundCheck provides these additional benefits:

  • Automatically adds the assessment rating to the grade book of your integrated Google Classroom or other learning management system.

  • Create assignments in either Locked Mode for assessments and Unlocked Mode for student learning.

  • Over 85,000 SoundCheck scores are available in the Noteflight Learn Premium Music Library, including Essential Elements Band and String Methods

Noteflight Learn Pricing

Noteflight Premium Pricing

SoundCheck is available for $8 per user, per year, as part of a Noteflight Learn subscription with Premium Content. This provides sophisticated performance  assessment with easy-to-use, professional-level music notation and access to thousands of editable published scores. SoundCheck with Noteflight Learn can be fully integrated with Google Classroom, MusicFirst Classroom, and other Learning Management Systems.

SoundCheck with Noteflight Learn is fully compliant with COPPA, FERPA, GDPR, and all existing Noteflight data privacy measures. Read all Education Terms and Privacy Policies. 

SoundCheck is available with Noteflight Premium subscriptions for $5 per month or $30 per year.