Performance assessment and feedback directly integrated with Noteflight. 

SoundCheck™, powered by MatchMySound™, provides instant ratings and feedback for pitch, rhythm, and intonation, and is available for use with any Noteflight score. SoundCheck works in the browser on desktop, Chromebook, iPad, and mobile devices!

SoundCheck is available with any Noteflight Learn subscription and will be made available to Noteflight Premium in early 2021.


SoundCheck will be available with Noteflight Learn subscriptions for an additional $3 per user, per year. You can also add all Noteflight Learn Content Libraries for $3 per user, per year. This means teachers and students can use Noteflight Learn ($2), SoundCheck ($3), and all Content Libraries ($3) for only $8 per user, per year, all fully integrated with Google Classroom, MusicFirst Classroom, and other Learning Management Systems.

SoundCheck is directly integrated with Noteflight Learn, therefore this feature is also fully compliant with COPPA, FERPA, GDPR, and all existing Noteflight data privacy measures. 

Noteflight Learn Pricing

SoundCheck will also available with Noteflight Premium subscriptions. Pricing and availability will be announced soon. 

Noteflight Premium Pricing