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Give your students access to all Noteflight Crescendo features! There's no IT setup required - just add your students to your new community and be up and teaching in minutes.
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Ordering a custom plan is a snap. Just select the number of separate student sites you'd like, the maximum number of students you'll have per site, and how many years of Noteflight you'd like to purchase. Note that we discount multi-year orders by 20%.
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Why Use Noteflight for Music Instruction?

Accessible. Noteflight's easy-to-use interface allows younger learners to intuitively interact with notation and musical ideas. Creating music, sharing scores and giving feedback is intuitive and fun. Young musicians can finally experience notation as a "learning by doing" activity, one that they can pursue both at school and at home with Noteflight.

Foster a Musical Community. Noteflight builds a private, secure, online K-12 community for instruction and learning that is separate from the public Noteflight.com site. It's perfect for group composition activities and informal sharing. Younger students do not need an email account to participate.

Portable. Creating music is no longer confined to a lab or classroom. Noteflight can be used anywhere, anytime. Lessons and exercises are easily accessed from your students' home computer and Noteflight scores can be experienced on any mobile device, including smartphones, the iPad and other tablets.

Unlock Creativity. Interaction and collaboration unlocks student creativity through direct, "hands-on" experimentation with notation. It's easy and fun to write music, especially when it's so simple to share your creations with your friends, classmates, and parents.

Affordable. A Noteflight instructional community is priced well below traditional boxed software; it's available via subscription and comes with on-going support and feature updates. Your community can grow, or contract with shifting student numbers - no problem.

Share Music. Teachers can embed scores in web pages or blogs with audio playback. Students can playback all of a score or just a few measures and can listen to individual parts and notes as their cursor follows the playback. Scores can be easily synchronized with both audio and video for interactive learning.

Manage online assignments. When you create a lesson, Noteflight automatically gives each student their own copy to work on. You can review individual student's work and provide feedback directly in their scores. You can even see how a piece has evolved by looking at previously saved versions.

Create your own classroom website. Noteflight also offers Noteflight Learning Edition (NLE) that seamlessly integrates with many Learning Management Systems via the Basic LTI standard, which makes it a snap to create and use web-based activities that include music listening, music creation, text, video, images and anything else on the web that you can imagine. You are able to also easily manage your class roster and student logins. Integration options include popular LMSs such as Desire2Learn, Haiku and Moodle. Learn more about Basic LTI and integrating Noteflight with Learning Management Systems.

Ready for the classroom. Noteflight has partnered with the Vermont MIDI Project to create a resource library of ready-made, teacher-tested learning activities. Each activity provides you with useful ideas for how to use and adapt Noteflight to your methods and your classroom. View the library of learning activities.

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