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noteflight for developers

Use Noteflight for Your Own Custom Project

Noteflight has flexible client and server APIs that allow our platform to be used in ways no one's thought of yet. We're excited about what people are going to build with them!

Server APIView Server API Docs
Noteflight has an XML/JSON server API that can be used to obtain information about scores and users, including leveraging the powerful search capabilities of the site. Affiliates can also use the server API to create new members affiliated with their site, or to perform single-click sign-on for these members.

Client APIView Client API Docs
Noteflight's client API allows embeds to be manipulated on the fly using JavaScript in containing web pages. You can control audio playback, selection and highlighting, cursor display and more. Start building interactive musical applications that leverage the power of the Noteflight music layout engine.

For more information, please contact our Business Development team concerning API access.

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