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Great resource for teaching composition

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BBeanie posted over 1 year ago Icon_flag-d1b487e23b73d24c3b2cdec67d702afb flag

I'd check it out, but I unfortunately do not have any iProducts :(

Lane posted over 1 year ago Icon_flag-d1b487e23b73d24c3b2cdec67d702afb flag

Thank you!!!

Noteflight Robin posted almost 2 years ago Icon_flag-d1b487e23b73d24c3b2cdec67d702afb flag

Check out this wonderful composition book by NF friend and composition teacher Matt McLean at LREI school in NYC - very easy and fun to use, and it's FREE! Perfect for those of you who are starting out as composers and want to get a solid grounding in basic ideas about melody, harmony, and form. The book blends with the website McLean uses for his composition classes, and the whole thing is integrated with NF.

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