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percussion writing

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<p>@Jocob Ha. Ha. You can&#39;t with crescendo either...</p>
<p>I don&#39;t have Noteflight Crescendo, but I was wondering if it&#39;s possible to put a suspended cymbal roll in my music. Is it possible without Crescendo?</p>
<p>mdconn16, Would using the 2-voices-per staff feature help? (U for adding an upper part, L for lower). That&#39;s just two but it might help. </p> <p>Basically though it&#39;s a good idea - check the Feedback site to see if it&#39;s been suggested, and if not, put it up there so people can vote on it. In the meantime, duly noted!</p>
<p>Not sure where you are at with expanding the percussion capabilities, but I would love to see the ability to make each of the drum parts independent of each other. As a drummer I utilize independence to create more interesting polyrhythmic feels for songs I play, especially jazz and latin. For one song I&#39;m working on I have had to make 3 separate drum staves to capture the sound I was looking for from what I play on my drums.</p> <p>Also is there a way to make the cymbals sound more like a crash? I&#39;ve tried leave vibrate but that doesn&#39;t seem to do the trick.</p>
<p>Unfortunately, there isn&#39;t any special notation. You&#39;ll just have to use tremolos and grace notes.</p>
<p>How do I put in percussion rolls? They&#39;re a lot more convenient than putting in a bunch of 16th or 32nd notes</p>
<p>Yes can you explain what those are and/or what they look like? </p>
<p>I&#39;m not sure if you can. Are those actual words?</p>
<p>How do you write in diddles, flams, cheeses etc? I saw tremolo and grace notes.. just wondering. I&#39;m new to this program</p>