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How to use different textures efficiently... ?

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SnazzyBootsX posted almost 5 years ago Icon_flag-a628d9591107a925044d344fe903e29f flag

How do you use different textures efficiently, in order to create a piece which isn't too repetitive, yet can still last a long time staying "fresh"?

When listening to orchestral music from films or games, such as from Hans Zimmer or Yoko Shimomura (two of my favourite composers), I've noticed that I can keep on listening to the same pieces. For a very long time.
Although this may not seem surprising, I've noticed that it's because of the way different ideas are introduced and layered by different instruments and rhythms, during new variations of a very simple theme/motif or chord sequence.

With my music...

I find that I often use a polyphonic texture with lots of counterpoint. Because I introduce many themes/ideas at the same time, I often run out of steam too soon, which is the case in this piece I'm working on at the moment: Please give me ideas... ):

If possible, I'd like somebody to teach me how to structure my music effectively.

Of course, an unfortunately large part of the problem is my complete lack of innate ability to create a strong melody. (-_-;)

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this, and have a nice day! (b^_^)b